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Overcoming MDMA addiction in Boston, Massachusetts starts with understanding what the drug is.
MDMA or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a synthetic drug that is also known via street names like Molly, ecstasy, X, and XTC. It is a stimulant drug that has hallucinogenic effects. Although it was used to treat several psychological issues, this drug is still being studied for its medicinal benefits.
When MDMA gained the status of making the user feel euphoric and energized, it became wildly used as a party drug.

The Effects of MDMA

MDMA effects on the body are almost the same with other hallucinogenic and stimulant drugs. A notable effect of MDMA is an increase in sociability. This is in result to a heightened feeling of euphoria and increased feelings of wellbeing. It also increases a person’s energy and has a reputation of enhancing one’s sexual prowess mainly because of the stimulant effects. Suffice to say, those who are under the effects of MDMA look happier and livelier than normal.

MDMA Overdose

There had been concerns about people dying at rave events and MDMA was singled out as the culprit. Apparently, one can overdose and die by taking the drug. When a person is stacking or taking multiple doses of MDMA, the body experiences extreme stimulating effects that will make the body heat up. Aside from sweating profusely, it may also be accompanied with blood pressure alterations, palpitations, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding.
The brain function is also altered, which causes drowsiness, confusion, irritability, paranoia, and visual hallucinations. It is also not rare to see seizure episodes or a loss of consciousness.

Serious Health Complications

When the body can no longer handle the effects of overdosing on MDMA, other complications that are life-threatening may start to develop. At first, the body shuts down and puts the person into a comatose state. Then, other body systems start to deteriorate, causing heart failure, respiratory distress, renal failure, liver damage, and stroke.

Treatment for an MDMA Overdose

When brought to the hospital for emergency treatment of MDMA overdose, medications are given according to the effects of the drug on the body. For example, when there is an active seizure, muscle spasms, or agitation, benzodiazepines are given. Aggressive patients may be sedated or restrained until they calm down. After the emergent problems are treated, sorbitol or activated charcoal is given to completely remove the drug from the intestines.
The important thing to note when there is a suspected MDMA overdose is to immediately call 911 for help. It is also a must to remain calm and carefully observe the person. If the individual looks overheated, try to improve the ventilation or loosen tight clothing. You may also try to rehydrate the person by offering sips of fluids but never in excessive amounts.

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