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Alcohol addiction is rampant worldwide. Diagnosed as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), many of those who are afflicted with alcohol addiction may end up having more serious health disorders later on. Complications such as irreversible brain damage, stroke, liver cirrhosis, and cardiac failure are highly preventable but only if treatment is sought early.
Find out what the treatment options are if you want to get help for alcohol addiction in Boston, Massachusetts and finally live a healthy life.

Inpatient Rehab

Otherwise known as residential treatment option, an inpatient rehab is best for an individual who needs to undergo a medical detox but has to be isolated from environmental pressers or issues that may disrupt the recovery process. It is the most structured among other alcohol addiction treatment options and will require the patient to stay in the facility for usually around 30-90 days. The program includes preparing the patient for life after rehab and teaching how to overcome triggers. It is also encouraged to participate in sobriety maintenance programs to avoid a relapse.

Alcohol Detox

Detoxification is the first step in treating alcohol addiction. This stage of treatment is part of an inpatient rehab where professional medical care during a detox can be provided. Quitting alcohol may cause withdrawal symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable. There will be medications to help the body get through the effects of withdrawal. A round-the-clock care and support is required to carefully assess the patient and help him cope up during a detox.


Communication and proper guidance are important in an alcohol addiction treatment. Counseling gives the individual a way to communicate his feelings, both good and bad, thereby giving him a chance to confidently overcome his issues instead of turning to alcohol. Counseling programs also help the patient to process emotions positively as well as an opportunity to learn more about alcoholism and its effects on the body.

Outpatient Rehab

All patients who have undergone an inpatient rehab will eventually move on and transition to go through an outpatient rehab. Counseling is actually a form of an outpatient rehab where the patient has to meet with a therapist to discuss how well the patient is coping up. Other outpatient rehab options include joining support groups and participation in group therapies on top of individual therapy sessions. At this stage, the encouragement and engagement offered during therapies will contribute to a successful completion of the rehabilitation stage. It is crucial in order to develop a positive outlook and commit into a healthy, lifestyle change and be able to maintain sobriety.

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Choosing to quit alcohol is a lifelong decision. Alcohol addiction can be cured and the first step of treatment is acceptance. Acknowledging the problem will lead to a desire to seek for help. It is never too late to take control of your addiction. There are a variety of treatment options and understanding each one can help prevent alcohol from ruining your life.
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